Từ nhấn mạnh trong câu so sánh trong tiếng Anh

Bí kíp luyện thi Part 5 TOEIC: Từ nhấn mạnh trong so sánh hơn kém

Trong so sánh, khi ta muốn nhấn mạnh mức độ hoặc một đặc điểm nào đó của một đối tượng nổi trội hơn rất nhiều (tức là nhấn mạnh mức độ của đặc điểm đó), ta sẽ sử dụng thêm từ có chức năng nhấn mạnh

Hình thức so sánh hơn, kém có thể được nhấn mạnh nhờ vào việc đặt các trạng từ trước hình thức so sánh hơn, kém. Cụ thể là:

  • Nhấn mạnh TÍNH CHẤT HƠN NHIỀU bằng cách thêm much/far/a lot/ even/still/ greatly ... trước tính từ/trạng từ so sánh.

    S + V + far/much/a lot/even/still/greatly + adj/adv–er + than + noun/pronoun

    S + V + far/much/a lot/even/still/greatly + more + adj/adv –er + than + noun/pronoun

    - His watch is much newer than mine.

    - Henry's car is far more convenient than hers.

  • Nhấn mạnh TÍNH CHẤT HƠN MỘT CHÚT bằng cách thêm a bit/ a little/slightly ... trước tinh từ/ trạng từ so sánh

    S + V + a bit/a little/slightly + adj/adv–er + than + noun/pronoun

    S + V + a bit/a little/sligtly + more + adj/adv–er + than + noun/pronoun

    - This bag is slightly heavier than the other one.

    - That house is a bit more expensive than we expected.

Bài tập bổ sung

Exercise 1. Complete the sentences with the words in brackets.

1. They will be _______ (slightly/ expensive) but they last a lot longer.

2. The police say the response has been _______ (far/ good) than expected.

3. I think people feel _______ (a bit/ confident).

4. She's _______ (slightly/ tall) than her sister.

5. Buying a house in the city is _______ (much/ expensive) than in the countryside.

6. They are _______ (much/ hard-working) than us.

7. I've been feeling _______ (much/ healthy) since I became a vegetarian.

8. You'd be _______ (so much/ happy) if you could see yourself the way I see you.

9. I'm feeling _______ (a lot/ good) today.

10. We were _______ (a bit/ slow) than them.

Đáp án:

1. slightly more expensive

2. far better

3. a bit more confident

4. slightly taller

5. much more expensive

6. much more hard-working

7. much healthier

8. so much happier

9. a lot better

10. a bit slower

Exercise 2. Arrange the sentences with the given words.

1. much/ mine./ His/ newer/ than/ watch/ is/

→ _____________________________________________.

2. Henry's/ than/ far/ more/ car/ is/ convenient/ hers.

→ _____________________________________________.

3. heavier/ This/ bag/ other/ is/ than/ slightly/ the/ one.

→ _____________________________________________.

4. more/ That/ house/ is/ than/ expensive/  we/ a/ bit/ expected.

→ _____________________________________________.

5. than/ safer/ are/ buses./ Trains/ much/

→ _____________________________________________.

6. She/ more/ professionally/ the/ than/ situation/ far/ anyone/ else/ handled/ the/ in/ office.

→ _____________________________________________.

7. Cherries/ than/ are/ much/ apples./ more/ expensive/

→ _____________________________________________.

8. is/ brighter/ one./ than/ The/ red/ dress/ the/ blue/

→ _____________________________________________.

9. The/ line/ is/ much/ at/ than/ the/ longer/ supermarket/ usual.

→ _____________________________________________.

10. You’ll/ much/ better/ if/ find/ the/ film/ you/ in/ the/ watch/ it/ original/ film.

→ _____________________________________________.

Đáp án:

1. His watch is much newer than mine.

2. Henry's car is far more convenient than hers.

3. This bag is slightly heavier than the other one.

4. That house is a bit more expensive than we expected.

5. Trains are much safer than buses.

6. She handled the situation far more professionally than anyone else in the office.

7. Cherries are much more expensive than apples.

8. The red dress is brighter than the blue one.

9. The line at the supermarket is much longer than usual.

10. You’ll find the film much better if you watch it in the original film.

Exercise 3. Choose the correct answers.

1. In the library, there were _______ more books on philosophy than expected.

A. little

B. a little

C. much

D. many

2. The university has received _______ more applications this year than last year, but the total is still _______ fewer than five years ago.

A. many/far

C. many /less

B. much/far

D. much/less

3. Helicopters are mainly used for the military _______ than civilians.

A. no

B. rather

C. even

D. any

4. The exam is _______ more difficult than the test you have been doing in class.

A. no

B. rather

C. any

D. many

5. The Board of Directors would agree to that project if it was _______ more practical.

A. many

B. very much

C. a bit

D. any

6. They didn't pass the teamwork round because their attitude was _______ enthusiastic.

A. a little more

B. a little less

C. far more

D. much more

7. I really enjoyed the movie we saw last night. It was _______ interesting than the one on TV.

A. many more

B. much less

C. far more

D. far less

8. Sales in July were _______ higher than sales in June.

A. more

B. much

C. far

D. many

9. After being told about the exam result, she is _______ happier than before.

A. a little lot

B. much lot

C. a whole lot

D. a bit lot

10. If you have an English certificate, you will find _______ opportunities.

A. many more

B. much more

C. much less

D. many less

Đáp án: 

1. D

2. A

3. B

4. A

5. C

6. B

7. C

8. B

9. C

10. A

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