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Bí kíp luyện thi TOEIC: Phân biệt At the end & In the end

Quảng cáo

At the end

At the end dùng để chỉ cuối của cái gì đó. Sau at the end thường đi với of (at the end of something).

Ví dụ:

- At the end of the month = cuối tháng

- At the end of the movie = cuối bộ phim

- At the end of the lesson = cuối bài học

- At the end of the road = cuối con đường

Trái nghĩa với at the endat the beginning.

In the end

In the end dùng để chỉ kết quả cuối cùng, sau cùng của một sự việc. In the end = finally, at last, ...

Ví dụ:

- They have had an unhappy marriage for 10 years. In the end, they divorced last week.

- In the end,we have to stay inside because of raining.

Trái nghĩa với in the endin the beginning.

Những cụm từ đồng nghĩa với “at the end”

Ngoài cụm từ “at the end” để chỉ thời điểm hay vị trí của sự vật, chúng ta còn có nhiều cụm từ khác đồng nghĩa với nó và có thể sử dụng thay thế.

At the close: tại thời điểm kết thúc

Ví dụ: At the close of the meeting, the chairman thanked everyone for their participation. (Khi cuộc họp kết thúc, chủ tịch đã cảm ơn mọi người vì sự tham gia của họ.)

At the conclusion: tại phần kết luận 

Ví dụ: At the conclusion of the conference, the speakers engaged in a panel discussion. (Tại phần kết luận của hội nghị, các diễn giả đã tham gia cuộc thảo luận nhóm.)

At the bottom: dưới đáy của một sự vật

Ví dụ: I found my missing pen at the bottom of my backpack. (Tôi tìm thấy bút mất tích của mình ở đáy túi xách.)

Những cụm từ đồng nghĩa với “in the end”

Tương tự như “at the end”, cùng tìm hiểu xem những từ nào mang ý nghĩa tương đồng với “in the end” nhé!

Ultimately: cuối cùng, sau cùng

Ví dụ: After considering, he ultimately decided to pursue a career in medicine. (Sau khi xem xét, cuối cùng anh ấy quyết định theo đuổi sự nghiệp trong lĩnh vực y học.)

Finally: cuối cùng

Ví dụ: After weeks of preparation, the concert finally took place last night. (Sau vài tuần chuẩn bị, buổi hòa nhạc cuối cùng đã diễn ra vào tối qua.)

Eventually: cuối cùng, sau một thời gian dài

Ví dụ: Even though it took some time, he eventually learned to play the guitar. (Mặc dù mất một thời gian, anh ấy cuối cùng đã học được chơi đàn guitar.)

At last: cuối cùng, sau một thời gian dài.

Ví dụ: After a long day of hiking, they reached the summit of the mountain at last. (Sau một ngày dài leo núi, họ đã đạt đến đỉnh núi cuối cùng.)

In conclusion: tóm lại

Ví dụ: In conclusion, the research study highlights the importance of environmental conservation. (Tóm lại, nghiên cứu nêu bật tầm quan trọng của bảo tồn môi trường.)

In summary: tóm lại

Ví dụ: In summary, the experiment yielded consistent results across all trials. (Tóm lại, thí nghiệm đã đạt được kết quả nhất quán trên tất cả các lần thử nghiệm.)

When all is said and done: đến cuối cùng

Ví dụ: When all is said and done, it's your decision that matters the most. (Đến cuối cùng, quyết định của bạn là quan trọng nhất.)

Những cụm từ trên đều mang ý nghĩa chung là “cuối cùng”, “tóm lại”, tuy nhiên, sắc thái ý nghĩa của chúng sẽ có phần khác nhau, các bạn nhớ lựa chọn đúng khi sử dụng nhé!

Phân biệt in the end và at the end

Sau khi tìm hiểu cách sử dụng cụ thể của từng cụm từ, ta có thể kết luận một số điểm khác nhau như sau:

1. “At the end” để nhấn mạnh THỜI ĐIỂM cuối cái gì đó, còn “In the end” thì nhấn mạnh KẾT QUẢ cuối cùng của tình huống.

2. “At the end” có thể được dùng với không gian, địa điểm, “In the end” chỉ mang ý nghĩa về mặt thời gian.

3. “At the end” thường đi cùng với cụm “of something”. “In the end” có thể đứng độc lập như một trạng từ vì đã thể hiện ý nghĩa đầy đủ.

Bài tập

Exercise 1. Choose “in the end” or “at the end”.

1. The main character finally achieves his goal ________ of the movie.

2. ________ of our journey, we realized how much we had learned.

3. The book was difficult to understand, but ________, it was very insightful.

4. The presentation covered various topics, and ________, the audience had many questions.

5. ________ of the conference, there will be a networking session.

6. The suspenseful movie kept us guessing about the plot twists ________.

7. We evaluate our achievements and set new goals ________ of the year.

8. ________, hard work and determination lead to success.

9. ________, it's up to you to make the decision.

10. The conference will take place ________ of this month.

Đáp án:

1. at the end

2. At the end

3. in the end

4. in the end

5. At the end

6. in the end

7. at the end

8. In the end

9. In the end

10. at the end

Exercise 2. Choose “in the end” or “at the end”.

1. Would you like to go on holiday _______ of the year?

2. My friend Sue always cries _______ of romantic films.

3. What have you bought? – Well, _______, I’ve bought shoes, a hat and a jacket.

4. It was hard to say goodbye _______ of the celebration.

5. At first it sounded so good but _______ it turned out to be a complete lie.

6. Sorry! I had been waiting long enough, and _______ I went home.

7. No need to hurry. Just do the paperwork _______ of the week.

8. Well, _______ we stayed at home. We couldn’t decide what to do.

9. Everybody applauded _______ of the speech.

10. I tried so hard to swim 5,000 metres but _______ I gave up.

11. _______ Lucy decided to marry him.

12. Put your signature _______ of the contract.

13. _______ it stopped raining and we could go for a walk.

14. Could you tell me where the bathroom is? - There is one _______ of the corridor.

15. I was thinking about going to Italy but _______ I decided to go to Spain.

16. _______ of the book is a bibliography and a good index.

17. Have you seen the film “_______ of time?”

18. I wanted to go to the cinema but she didn´t. _______ we went to the opera.

19. I would like to invite you to the museum. It is _______ of the street.

20. He didn't have a well-paid job. _______ he found a better one.

Đáp án:

1. at the end

2. at the end

3. in the end

4. at the end

5. in the end

6. in the end

7. at the end

8. in the end

9. at the end

10. in the end

11. In the end

12. at the end

13. In the end

14. at the end

15. in the end

16. At the end

17. At the end

18. In the end

19. at the end

 20. In the end

Exercise 3. Choose the correct answer.

1. (At the beginning/ In the beginning) of the 19th century, the French educational system was desperately in need of reform.

2. John has worked in customer service for 5 years. (At the beginning/ In the beginning), he was so satisfied with the job but it seems boring to him now.

3. The map here shows that there is a clothing store (at the end/ in the end) of the Oak Road so we just have to go along this street then turn left.

4. Kyoto could not find any solution to the problem caused by the error of the control system (at the end/ in the end).

5. After a long time waiting for the specialist, many people had to leave (in the beginning/ in the end) because he didn't appear.

6. (In the beginning/ At the beginning), there were about over 80% of the residents in the area consuming domestic products but the figure decreased gradually over the period of time, down to approximately 58%.

7. The firm estimates that (at the end/ in the end) of the year, the profit earned will be up to 10 million dollars.

8. The service of Bellucci, highly appreciated because its delivery is punctual, always (at the beginning/ in the beginning) of the month.

9. Although there were no noticeable signs of a break-in, the shop was confirmed to have been robbed (at the end/ in the end).

10. The plan was thought to be too costly to implement (at the beginning of/ in the beginning) but Mr. Fukusi proved that opinion was completely wrong.

11. The students must pay a 100% tuition fee (at the beginning of/ at the end) the course if they want to receive a voucher of fee reduction for the next course.

12. (At the beginning/ In the end) of the day. All the letters will have been addressed and sent to each and every name on the list.

13. (At the end of/ In the end) 2015, the population in this area reached 2000,000 people.

14. Mr. Fred Grant was little – known outside of his native Portugal. However, (at the end/ in the end), he received a lot of attention from the public when he dated Ms. Watson, the hottest female actress in Hollywood at that time.

15. The manager is considering discounts for loyal customers (at the end of/ in the beginning) this month since the competition in this market has become stronger and stronger.

Đáp án:

1. At the beginning

2. In the beginning

3. at the end

4. in the end

5. in the end

6. In the beginning

7. at the end

8. at the beginning

9. in the end

10. in the beginning

11. at the beginning of

12. At the beginning

13. At the end of

14. in the end

15. at the end of

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