Tiền tố trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập luyện thi Part 5 TOEIC: Tiền tố trong tiếng Anh

Phần dưới đây là các bài tập giúp bạn luyện thi TOEIC phần bạn vừa mới được hướng dẫn trong bài trước. Với các từ mới mình sẽ không dịch sẵn mà bạn nên tự tìm hiểu vì điều đó sẽ giúp bạn nhớ lâu hơn.

Sau khi bạn đã chọn đáp án, để so sánh xem mình làm đúng được bao nhiêu, mời bạn click chuột vào phần Hiển thị đáp án ở bên dưới.

Dưới đây là bài tập áp dụng cho bí kíp luyện thi TOEIC: Sử dụng Tiền tố đoán nghĩa của từ:

1. James transferred from the parent__ company to one of its smaller__.

a. multinationals

b. conglomerates

c. subsidiaries

d. partnerships

2. The international conferene will have to be___ to a later date.

a. planned

b. arranged

c. rescheduled

d. prepared

3. Smart travelers research the prices of local hotels to ensure that they do not___when travelling abroad.

a. pay

b. repay

c. underpay

d. overpay

4. The public's ___ to the promotion campaign was very promising.

a. reaction

b. submission

c. suggestion

d. interjection

5. To resolve their differences, they employed an___ to deal with the two sides.

a. intermediary

b. investigation

c. assistance

d. advice

6. This kind of machine could become dangerous if it is___.

a. dismantled

b. restrung

c. circumscribed

d. mishandled

7. Some children become high-achievers to compensate for their parents'____.

a. interest

b. disinterest

c. disinterested

d. interested

8. Investigators suspect the engine broke because of a tiny____ in one of the parts.

a. perfect

b. imperfect

c. perfection

d. imperfection

9. We are a ___ organization dedicated to the conversation of ocean mammals.

a. profitable

b. non-profitable

c. non-profit

d. profit

10. They have agreed to__ in distributing products and providing support services.

a. operate

b. cooperate

c. coordinate

d. cooperation

11. They agreed that___ of the house into apartments would be a good idea.

a. division

b. subdivision

c. divide

d. subdivide

12. The government warned its neighbors not to interfere in its___ affairs.

a. internal

b. external

c. internality

d. externality

13. In the 1990s,most older teachers had never used the Internet – they had to___ themselves.

a. educate

b. education

c. re-educate

d. educating

14. We are doing our best in a highly competitive environment with an___ staff.

a. loaded

b. overload

c. load

d. overload

15. I was told she would be at the meeting, but clearly I was___.

a. misinformed

b. informed

c. inform

d. misinform

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1 c 6 d 11 b
2 b 7 b 12 a
3 d 8 d 13 c
4 a 9 c 14 b
5 b 10 b 15 a


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