Bài tập động từ + giới từ (Phần 2)

Bài viết 100 Bài tập động từ + giới từ (Phần 2) có đáp án chi tiết giúp bạn có thêm nguồn bài tập tự luyện để nắm vững cách sử dụng động từ + giới từ (Phần 2) từ đó giúp bạn học tốt Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh hơn.

Bài tập động từ + giới từ (Phần 2)

Bài tập động từ + giới từ (Phần 2) (phần 1)

Bài 1: Put in the correct preposition. If no preposition is necessary, leave the space empty.

1. I'm not going out yet. I'm waiting for the rain to stop.

2. I couldn't find the street I was looking for, so I stopped someone to ask .... directions.

3. I've applied .... a job at the factory. I don't know if I'll get it.

4. I've applied .... three colleges. I hope one of them accepts me.

5. I've searched everywhere .... john, but I haven't been able to find him.

6. I don't want to talk .... what happened last night. Let's forget it.

7. I don't want to disccuss .... what happened last night. Let's forget it.

8. We had an interesting discussion .... the problem,but we didn't reach a decision

9. We discussed .... the problem, but we didn't reach a decision.

10. I don't want to go out yet. I'm waiting .... the post to arrive.

11. Ken and Sonia are touring Italy. They're in Rome at the moment, but tomorrow they leave .... Venice

12. The roof of the house is in very bad condition. I think we ought to do something .... it.

13. We waited .... Steve for half an hour, but he never came.

14. Tomorrow morning I have to catch a plane. I'm leaving my house .... the airport at 7.30.

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. for

3. for

4. to

5. for

6. about

7. –

8. about

9. –

10. for

11. for

12. about

13. for

14. for

Quảng cáo

Bài 2: Complete the sentences with the following verbs + preposition:

apply ask do leave look search talk wait

1. Police are searching for the man who esaped from prison.

2. We're still .... a reply to our letter. We haven't heard anything yet.

3. I think Ben likes his job, but he doesn't .... it much.

4. When I'd finished my meal, I .... the waiter .... the bill.

5. Cathy is unemployed. She has .... several jobs, but she hasn't had any luck.

6. If something is wrong ,why don't you .... something .... it?

7. Linda's car is very old, but it's in excellent condition. She .... it very well.

8. Diane is from Boston but now she lives in Paris. She .... Boston .... Paris when she was 19.

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. walking for

3. talk about

4. asked the waiter for

5. applied for

6. do something about

7. looks after or has looked after

8. left Boston for

Bài 3: Put in the correct preposition after care. If no preposition is necessary, leave the space empty.

1. He's very selfish. He doesn't care about othe people.

2. Are you hungry? Would you care .... something to eat?

3. She doesn't care .... the exam. She doesn't care whether she passes or fails.

4. Please let me borrow your camera. I promise I'll take good care .... it.

5. "Do you like this coat?" "Not really, I don't care .... the coulour."

6. Don't worry about the shopping. I'll take care .... that.

7. I want to have a good holiday. I don't care .... the cost.

8. I want to have a good holiday. I don't care .... how much it costs.

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. for

3. about

4. of

5. for

6. of

7. about

8. –

Quảng cáo

Bài 4: Complete the sentences with look for or look after. Use the correct form of look (looks/looked/looking).

1. I looked for my keys, but I couldn't find them anywhere.

2. Kate is .... a job. I hope she finds one soon.

3. Who .... you when you were ill?

4. I'm .... Elizabeth. Have you seen her?

5. The car park was full, so we had to .... somewhere else to park.

6. A babysitter is somebody who .... other people's children.

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. looking for

3. looked for

4. looking for

5. look for

6. looks after

Bài tập động từ + giới từ (Phần 2) (phần 2)

Bài 1: Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1. Sue said I was selfish.

Sue accused me of being selfish.

2. The misunderstanding was my fault, so I apologized.

I apologized ............................

3. Jane won the tournament. So I congratulated her.

I congratulated Jan .....................

4. He has enimics, but he has a body guard to protect him.

He has a bodyguard to protect him .......

5. There are eleven player to a football team.

A football team consists ................

6. Sandra eats only bread and eggs.

She lives ...............................

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. for the misunderstanding

3. on winning the tournament

4. from/against his enemies

5. of eleven players

6. on bread and eggs

Bài 2: Complete the second sentence using for or on. These sentences all have blame.

1. Liz said that what happened was Joe's fault. Liz blamed Joe for what happened.

2. You always say everything is my fault.

You always blame me .....................

3. Do you think the economic crisis is the fault of the government?

Do you blame the government .............?

4. I think the increase in violent crime is the fault of the television.

I blame the increase in violent crime ............................

Now rewrite sentences 3 and 4 using to blame for.

5. (3) Do you think the government ............................?

6. (4) I think that ...........................................?

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. for everything

3. for the economic crisis

4. on television

5. is to blame for the economic crisis

6. television is to blame for the increase in violent crime

Bài 3: Complete the sentences using the following verbs + the correct preposition

accuse    apologise    approve    congratulate    depend    lie    pay

1. His parent don't approve of what he does, but they can't stop him.

2. When you went to the theatre with Paul, who .... the tickets?

3. It's not very pleasant when you are .... something you didn't do.

4. A: Are you going to the beach tomorrow?

B: I hope so. It .... the weather.

5. Things are very cheap there. You can .... very little money.

6. When I saw David. I .... him .... passing his driving test.

7. You were very rude to Liz. Don't you think you should .... her?

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. paid for

3. accused of

4. depends on

5. live on

6. congratulated him on

7. apologise to

Bài 4: Put in the correct preposition. If no preposition is necessary. Leave the space empty.

1. Some students were suspected of cheating in the exam.

2. Sally is often not well. She suffers .... very bad headaches

3. You know that you can rely .... me if you ever need any help.

4. It is terrible that some people are dying .... hunger while others eat too much.

5. Are you going to apologize .... what you did?

6. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay .... the repairs.

7. I didn't have enough money to pay .... the bill

8. I complimented her .... her English. She spoke very fluently and her pronunciation was excellent.

9. She hasn't got a job. She depends .... her parents for money.

10. I don't know whether I'll go out tonight. It depends .... how I feel.

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. from

3. on

4. of/from

5. for

6. for

7. –

8. on

9. on

10. – or on

11. from /against

12. of

Bài tập động từ + giới từ (Phần 2) (phần 3)

Bài 1: Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1. There was a colsion between a bus and a car.

A bus collided with a car.

2. I don' mind big cities, but I prefer small towns.

I prefer .......................................

3. I got all the information I needed from Jane.

Jane provided me ...............................

4. This morning I bought a pair of shoes which cost $70.

This morning I spent ............................

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. I prefer small towns to big cities.

3. Jane provided me with all the information I needed.

4. This morning I spent $ 70 on a pair of shoes.

Bài 2: Complete sentences using the following verbs + the correct preposition:

believe    concertrate    divide    drive    fill

happen    insist    invite    succecd

1. I wanted to go alone, but Sue insisted on coming with me.

2. I haven't seen Mike for ages. I wonder what has .... him.

3. We've been .... the party, but unfortunately we can't go.

4. It's a very large house. It's .... four flats.

5. I don't .... ghosts. I think people ony imaine that they see them.

6. Steve gave me an empty bucket and told me to .... it .... water.

7. I was driving along when the car in front of me stopped suddenly. Unfortunately I couldn't stop in time and .... the back of it.

8. Don't try and do two things together. .... one thing at a time.

9. It wasn't easy, but in the end we ....finding a solution to the problem.

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. happened to

3. invited to

4. divided into

5. believe in

6. fill it with

7. drove into

8. Concentrate on

9. succeeded in

Bài 3: Put the correct preposition. If the sentence is already complete, leave the space empty.

1. The school provides all its students with books.

2. A strange thing happened .... me a few days ago.

3. Mark decided to give up sport so that he could concentrate .... his studies.

4. I don't believe .... working very hard. It's not worth it.

5. My present job isn't wonderful, but I prefer it .... what I did before.

6. I hope you succeed .... getting what you want.

7. As I was coming out the room, I collided ....somebody who was coming in.

8. There was an awful noise as the car crashed .... a tree.

9. Patrick is a photographer. He specializes .... sports photography.

10. Do you spend much money .... clothes?

11. The country is divided .... six regions.

12. I prefer travelling by train .... driving. It's much more pleasant.

13. I was amazed when Joe walked into the room. I couldn't believe ....it.

14. Somebody broke .... my car and stole the radio.

15. I was quite cold, but Tom insited .... having the window open.

16. Some words are difficult to translate .... one language .... another.

17. What happened .... the money I lent you? What did you spend it .... ?

18. The teacher decided to split the class .... four groups.

19. I filled the tank, but unfortunately I filled it .... the wrong kind of petrol.

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

2. to

3. on

4. in

5. to

6. in

7. with

8. into

9. in

10. on

11. into

12. to

13. –

14. into

15. on

16. from one language into another

17. happened to .... spend it on

18. into

19. with

Bài 4:Use your own ideas to complete these sentences. Use a preposition.

1. I wanted to go out alone, but my friend insisted on coming with me.

2. I spend a lot of money ............................................

3. I saw the accident. The car crashed ...............................

4. Chris prefers basketball ..........................................

5. Shakespeare's plays have been translated ..........................

Đáp án & Hướng dẫn:

Example answer:

2. on CDs

3. into a wall

4. to volleyball

5. into many languages

Ngữ pháp động từ + giới từ (Phần 2)

A. Động từ + about trong tiếng Anh

  • talk/read/know ABOUT..., tell somebody ABOUT...:

    - We talked about a lot of things at the meeting.

    (Chúng tôi đã nói tới nhiều vấn đề trong cuộc họp.)

  • have a disscussion ABOUT... something nhưng discuss something (không có giới từ):

    - We had a discussion about what we should do.

    (Chúng tôi đã có cuộc thảo luận về những gì chúng tôi nên làm.)

    - We discussed a lot of things at the meeting. (không nói 'discussed about')

    (Chúng tôi thảo luận rất nhiều thứ tại hội nghị.)

  • do something ABOUT something (= làm một điều gì đó để cải thiện một tình thế xấu):

    - If you're worried about the problem, you should do something about it.

    (Nếu bạn lo lắng về vấn đề này, bạn nên làm cái gì đó (cho nó).)

B. are about, care for và take care of

  • care ABOUT somebody/something (= khi nghĩ rằng ai đó/cái gì đó là quan trọng):

    - He's very selfish. He doesn't care about other people.

    (Anh ta rất ích kỷ. Anh ta không hề quan tâm tới người khác.)

    Chúng ta nói care what/where/how ... (không có about):

    - You can do what you like. I don't care what you do.

    (Anh có thể làm gì anh muốn. Tôi không quan tâm tới những gì anh làm.)

  • care FOR somebody/something:

    • Nghĩa 1: = like something (thích cái gì đó) (thường trong các câu hỏi và câu phủ định):

      - Would you care for a cup of coffee? (= would you like...?)

      (Bạn muốn một tách cà phê chứ?)

      - I don't care for very hot weather. (= I don't like...)

      (Tôi không thích thời tiết nóng nực.)

    • Nghĩa 2: = look after somebody (chăm sóc ai đó):

      - Albert is 85 and lives alone. He needs somebody to care for him.

      (Ông Albert hiện 85 tuổi và sống một mình. Ông ta cần một người chăm sóc ông ta.)

  • take care OF... (= look after):

    - Have a nice holiday. Take care of yourself! (= look after yourself)

    (Chúc kỳ nghỉ tốt đẹp. Hãy cẩn thận nhé!)

C. Động từ + for trong tiếng Anh

  • ask (somebody) FOR...:

    - I wrote to the company asking them for more information about the job.

    (Tôi đã viết thư tới công ty hỏi họ thêm một số chi tiết về công việc.)


    - I asked her a question.

    hoặc They asked me the way to the station. (không có giới từ)

  • apply (TO a person, a company, ...) FOR (a job, ...):

    - I think this job would suit you. Why don't you apply for it?

    (Tôi nghĩ công việc này hợp với bạn. Sao bạn không làm đơn xin việc đi?)

  • wait FOR... / wait FOR something to happen:

    - Don't wait for me. I'll join you late.

    (Đừng chờ tôi. Tôi sẽ đến sau.)

    - I'm not going yet. I'm waiting for the rain to stop.

    (Tôi vẫn chưa đi. Tôi chờ cho mưa tạnh đã.)

  • search (a person/a place/a bag...) FOR:

    - I've searched (the house) for my keys but I still can't find them.

    (Tôi đã tìm chùm chìa khóa (trong nhà) nhưng vẫn chưa tìm thấy.)

  • leave (a place) FOR (another place):

    - I haven't seen her since she left (home) for work this morning. (không nói 'left to work')

    (Tôi đã không nhìn thấy cô ta từ khi cô ấy rời nhà đi làm sáng nay.)

D. Phân biệt Look for và Look after trong tiếng Anh

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