Bài tập so sánh hơn trong tiếng Anh (Phần 1) (I)

Bài tập so sánh hơn trong tiếng Anh (Phần 1)

Tương ứng với từng bài trong loạt bài Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh chúng mình sẽ cung cấp cho các bạn phần bài tập để thực hành luôn phần Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh vừa học. Bài tập ngữ pháp tiếng Anh này giúp bạn ôn tập và hiểu sâu hơn các phần lý thuyết đã được trình bày trong loạt bài Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh.

Trước khi làm Bài tập so sánh hơn trong tiếng Anh, nếu bạn muốn đọc lại phần ngữ pháp tiếng Anh tương ứng, bạn có thể tham khảo tại chương: So sánh hơn trong tiếng Anh.

Với các từ mới mình sẽ không dịch sẵn mà bạn nên tự tìm hiểu vì điều đó sẽ giúp bạn nhớ lâu hơn. Sau khi bạn đã làm xong bài tập, để so sánh xem mình làm đúng được bao nhiêu, mời bạn click chuột vào phần Hiển thị đáp án ở bên dưới.

Dưới đây là phần Bài tập so sánh hơn:

Bài 1: Complete the sentences using a comparative form (older/ more importat ....)

1. It's too noisy here. Can we go somewhere quitter?

2. This coffee is very weak. I like it a bit .... .

3. The hotel was surprisingly big. I expected it to be .... .

4. The hotle was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be .... .

5. The weather is too cold here. I'd like to do something .... .

6. My job is a bit boring sometimes. I'd like to do something .... .

7. It's a pity you live so far away. I wish you lived .... .

8. I was surprised how easy it was to use the computer. I thought it would be .... .

9. Your work isn't very good. I'm sure you can do .... .

10. Don't worry.The situation isn't so bad. It could be .... .

11. I was surprised we got here so quickly. I expected the journey to take .... .

12. You've talking very loudly. Can you speak a bit .... ?

13. You hardly ever phone me. Why don't you phone me .... ?

14. You're standing too near the camera. Can you move a bit .... away?

15. You were a bit depressed yesterday, but you look .... today.

2. stronger

3. smaller

4. more expensive

5. warmer/ hotter

6. more interesting

7. nearer

8. more difficult

9. better

10. worse

11. longer

12. more quietly

13. more often

14. further/ farther

15. happier/ more cheerful

Quảng cáo

Bài 2: Complete the sentences. Each time use the comparative form of one of the words in the box. Use than where necessary.

big    crowed    early    easily    high     important

interested    peaceful    reliable    serious    simple    thin

1. I was feeling tired last night, so I went to bed earlier than usual.

2. I'd like to have a more reliable car. The one I've got keeps breaking down.

3. Unfortunately her illness was .... we thought at first.

4. You look .... . Have you lost weight?

5. I want a .... flat. We don't have enough space here.

6. He doesn't study very hard. He's .... in having a good time.

7. Health and happiness are .... money.

8. The instructions were very complicated. They could have been .... .

9. There were a lot of people on the bus. It was .... usual.

10. I like living in the countryside. It's .... ling in a town.

11. You'll find your wat around the town .... if you have a good map.

12. In some parts of the country, prices are .... in others.

3. more serious than

4. thinner

5. bigger

6. more interested

7. more important than

8. simpler

9. more crowed than

10. more peaceful than

11. more easily

12. higher than

Quảng cáo

Bài 3: Read the situations and complete the sentences. Use a comparative (-er or more ...)

1. Yesterday the temperature was six degrees. Today it's only three dgrees.

It's colder today than it was yesterday.

2. The journey takes four hours by car and five hours by train.

It takes .......................... .

3. Dave and I went for a run. I ran ten kilometres. Dave stopped after eight kilometrs.

I ran ............................. .

4. Chris and Joe both did badly in the test. Chris got 30% but Joe only got 25%.

Joe did ........................... .

5. I expected my friends to arrive at about 4 o'clock. In fact they arrived at 2.30.

My friends ........................ .

6. You can go by bus or by train. The buses run every 30 minutes. The trains run every hour.

The buses ......................... .

7. We were very bus at work today. We're not usually as busy as that.

We ................................ .

2. It takes longer by train than by car.

3. I ran further/farther than Dave.

4. Joe did worse than Chris.

5. My friends arrived earlier than I expected.

6. The buses run more often than the trains.

7. We were busier than usual.

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